Mobile Portal?

Only Nobotel!

The Nobotel Mobile Portal has been specially designed for Nobotel customers to offer continuous operational and financial management of your mobile telephony.

Here you will find an overview of all costs set out by category, connection, and department. Enabling you to manage all subscriptions, even if you are using multiple providers.

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mobile portal your personal management tool

data pooling one bundle for everyone

Tailored individually selected offer

Personal Portal?

Only Nobotel!

The Nobotel Mobile Portal, offers complete operational and financial management.

For operational management, this portal shows all connections and details such as PUK codes, subscription types, and any hardware in the portal.

Financial details can be retrieved easily showing for example your invoices, costs per connection, per department, and a graph that provides insight into the costs of the past months.

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Nobotel Portal

What is the data consumption in my organization?

Where are the expenses and costs?

The dashboard includes an overview of the costs per department. The connections of your company can be divided per department, this makes it easier to manage costs per department.

If costs arise outside the bundle, the table of top 5 connections makes it easy to see where the major costs arose. The more info button takes you to the further details per connection and gives you a detailed insight into the consumption.

Controlled financial management

Additional costs on the last invoice?

On this page of the portal, you have a complete insight into the costs, how they are structured and where there are outliers. Here you will find, for example, additional costs for calling abroad, calling to countries outside the EU, or calling service numbers.

Operational management

Where can I find my PUK code?

At Nobotel, it is easy to find the connection or user of the number, which ensures that you will never have to search for the lost PUK code again.

Connections are easy to link to a section as well as the user’s hardware.

Insight into hardware costs?

In the Mobile Portal, you can add the device that belongs to a user. Do you buy your hardware from nobotel? Then this will be entered automatically. You can choose to debit this at once or per month.

Switch providers?
Easily arranged!

You can switch to Nobotel at any time.
Existing contracts can be merged, combined, or amended.

Our team is available to advise on the best configuration for your Sim Only and data SIM products.

You can also reach us by email via or call us on 088 170 0600.

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    mobile portal your personal management tool

    data pooling one bundle for everyone

    Tailored individually selected offers

    Frequently asked

    In doubt?

    What is data pooling?

    If you choose similar subscriptions, you get the benefit of data pooling. A major advantage of this is that you deal more efficiently with the purchased data and have less chance that a single employee will exceed the limits of the bundle.

    Does Nobotel offer multi-provider solutions?

    Nobotel operates as a virtual operator, giving you as a customer the free choice between different networks. We can offer a complete comparison and advice on the best suitable solution.

    What is e-SIM?

    The e-SIM works by means of an extra chip that is added to your device. When you scan a QR code, this chip ensures that the device is connected to the network and the corresponding subscription. View the iPhone models with this option here.