Many Machines?

Only Nobotel!

Reliable data SIM cards for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (m2m) applications.

IoT and M2M SIM cards from 1KB to 5TB, Nobotel provides it with the best service and without surprises.

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mobile portal your personal management tool

data pooling one bundle for everyone

Tailored individually selected offer

Two portals

Hassle-free management!

To manage your IoT and M2M SIM cards you’ll be using two portals free of charge. These ensure that there is always complete insight into both the financial and operational parts of your wireless infrastructure.

In the Nobotel mobile portal, you have an overview of costs, invoices, and data usage.

In the Cisco Jasper portal, the world’s largest M2M management portal, you can see the active status of your SIM cards and check whether everything is working properly.

Cisco Jasper
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Cisco Por Nobotel

1 kilobyte or 5 terabyte?

Data SIM cards, what do you them for?

A large part of the data SIMs has reporting applications such as reading out weather stations or a daily check of functioning. In this application, you only use a few KBs per SIM card.

Do you use the data sims in a strategic or operational application, such as creating a local WiFi network on a ship or construction site? Then you will have to deal with large monthly consumption.

5TB per month for a cruise ship application or 1MB for your weather station, Nobotel has an affordable offer for both applications.

5G zendmast nobotel IOT

Multi network SIM for more continuity.

More certainty of a good connection on all your devices, choose our SIM cards with a multi-network system. These SIM cards always connect to the strongest network available in the region.

This offers more certainty of a constant connection for every device

Data pooling for IoT and M2M? Nobotel offers it!

If you take out similar subscriptions at nobotel, you use data pooling. A big advantage of this is that you deal more efficiently with what is purchased. With data pooling, the data bundle of all devices is linked to each other and they make use of the data from this shared pool.

Perfect for applications where you want to keep costs the same but work with different devices that have a different data requirement every month.

zakelijk overleg nobotel mobiele telefonie

Temporary wireless internet?

Do you temporarily need wireless internet on location for your project?

At Nobotel we offer the option of taking out a data subscription for a few months. You can determine per month whether you want to adjust the data collection or to cancel the subscription.

This flexibility offers a lot of freedom when, for example, you have a food truck, place temporary security cameras or set up a temporary work hub.

Clear, transparent and fair.

Save on data sims for IoT or machine to machine?

At Nobotel we do not have temporary offers. What we do have is a lean organization that purchases in enormous numbers. This allows us to keep our prices a lot lower than the competition.

Switch providers?
Easily arranged!

You can switch to Nobotel at any time.
Existing contracts can be merged, combined, or amended.

Our team is available to advise on the best configuration for your Sim Only and data SIM products.

You can also reach us by email via or call us on 088 170 0600.

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    mobile portal your personal management tool

    data pooling one bundle for everyone

    Tailored individually selected offers

    Frequently asked

    In doubt?

    What is data pooling?

    If you choose similar subscriptions, you get the benefit of data pooling. A major advantage of this is that you deal more efficiently with the purchased data and have less chance that a single employee will exceed the limits of the bundle.

    Does Nobotel offer multi-provider solutions?

    Nobotel operates as a virtual operator, giving you as a customer the free choice between different networks. We can offer a complete comparison and advice on the best suitable solution.

    What is Tailored Sim Only?

    Nobotel offers tailor-made solutions for SMEs and large businesses. In these solutions, we include different network providers and we make choices based on use, reliability, and price.