Join Nobotel as a Business Partner

Add the best Sim Only solution to your business model and be a Nobotel Business Partner. 

What will Nobotel solve?

We take care of the offer; a unique purchasing deal with the various network providers (KPN, Vodafone en T-mobile) ensures that we can make an offer like no other.

Every business partner also makes free use of the Nobotel Mobile Portal. The Nobotel Mobile Portal provides insight into the invoiced costs so that the partner can easily check whether the invoice is correct and how additional costs have arisen. The mobile portal also provides insight into the usage during the month so that costs outside the bundle of clients can be limited

What we promise to end-users, we also promise to you: Nobotel has the best customer service. Being really reachable and ensuring that you always get an employee on the line to help you further has been our focus for years. That saves you a lot of time as a business partner.

100% insight

As a business partner of Nobotel, you get full insight into the usage of your numbers. If customers have a question, you are completely in control and you can get all the information they need from the Nobotel Mobile Portal.

Your branding

In consultation, the look and feel of the Nobotel Mobile Portal and the invoices that your customers see can be adapted to the branding and styling of your company. This way you maintain your own appearance, but you work with the power of Nobotel.


We consider an annual fixed purchase somewhat old-fashioned at Nobotel. As a business partner, you also have the flexibility to adjust the number of subscriptions and MBs purchased every month.

Start selling business Sim Only?

Nobotel has been active since 2006 and has grown into one of the best virtual operators for business mobile telephony in the Netherlands. Our self-developed mobile portal ensures that users and partners always have full control and insight into both the financial and operational side of the telephony.

Is your company engaged in offering business solutions and do you also want to offer your customers mobile telephony? Do you already sell mobile telephony, but do you want more flexibility and a better margin? Then we have the best package for you.

This is what other business partners say about Nobotel

“The cooperation with Nobotel is going very well, matters are picked up immediately and dealt with properly. Communication is clear and the administration is in order. Very pleasant to work with.”

Rob van den BergOffice Scan Nederland

“Samsung Business Center offers fair telecom products to their end customers through partners, Nobotel is the best choice when companies want 100% Flexibility!”

Theo VoetsSamsung Business Center

How does the Nobotel partner program work?

The Nobotel business partner program has no lower limit or minimum purchase. On this page, you can send in your request to become a partner. We will contact you upon receipt for an introduction.

We would like to hear more about your company and plans and will explain how you can deliver the best Nobotel service to your customers. Is it a match? Then we will set up your business partner account in the Nobotel mobile portal and you’re ready to get started.

Leave us a message and join Nobotel as a Business Partner.

You can also reach us by email via or call us on 088 170 0600.