Mobile Sim-Only

As a virtual operator, Nobotel looks at the total range of mobile providers. We close special deals with these providers, so that we can offer a carefree solution to you as a reseller or company. For you, that means: working anywhere, anytime, with the best service and without surprises.

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Machine to Machine

Is your machine to machine communication already on top level? In addition to mobile telephony, Nobotel also provides data-sims for your M2M communication. This makes it possible for hospital equipment to communicate with the doctors and for you to receive notification from your security system when something is wrong.

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Mobile Sim-only

Taking out mobile subscriptions for your organization is more than a one-time action. From this moment on, there are fixed ongoing costs and when employees leave or join, it always takes a lot of work. We completely remove this burden because you can easily stop and start subscriptions so that you only pay for the capacity that is actually used by your organization. Within the Nobotel portal you manage all your numbers and besides keeping insight you can easily make changes. If it doesn’t work / you can’t figure it out, we will provide customer service that is quickly accessible.

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Machine to Machine Data-Sim

Today many devices communicate with each other; from ATMs to hospital equipment, cars and windmills. If your organization has equipment that communicates with one another, data sims are indispensable. However, it is difficult to estimate how much data your equipment will consume. With the Nobotel data sim solutions, you keep track of your consumption via the Nobotel portal and you only pay for the capacity that is used. Please contact us for a suitable offer.


As an independent supplier, Nobotel has access to all major networks, at home and abroad. The ideal custom solution is put together for every customer. Not just bundles or MBs, but a solution that is fully focused on the company, now and in the future.


With the Nobotel monitoring system, everything can be followed and adjusted completely transparently. This way there is always control over consumption and costs. This creates more awareness among the users and can be adjusted at any time. The benefit can rise to over 50%.


You can choose Nobotel at any time. Existing contracts may be merged, combined or adjusted.

Nobotel is happy to advise on how to organize mobile telephone traffic as optimally as possible.

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